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Roll Up Doors

We offer a complete line of mini-storage roll-up doors along with non-insulated, insulated and wind-rated roll-up doors!











  1. Corrugated door curtain, available in round or square profile, is hot-dipped galvanize 26-Ga.steel, primed then finished with high gloss silicone polyester paint.
  2. Polypropylene anti-wear strips come factory-installed as continuous guides for sliding metal parts, providing quieter operation and longer service life.
  3. Rigid support bracket with bearings hold constant door tension, and allow easy
  4. Bottom bar assembly includes heavy-duty steel angle, roll-formed galvanized steel bottom bar and replaceable blade type vinyl astragal.
  5. Curtain lock assembly attaches to the exterior curtain, accepts pad locks or cylinder locks for owner/tenant security. Includes lock-out feature.
  6. Roll-up door guides are 18-Ga. galvanized steel. DS-75 guides install to masonry, steel or wood construction equally well.
  7. Automatic door stops prevent door from rolling up past the header.
  8. Oil-tempered steel spring is engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation. The spring is shot peened to increase strength and add cycle life to the spring.
  9. Heavy-duty steel axle supports door curtain and counterbalance system.



Non-Insulated Mini Storage

Roll-Up Doors Pricing:


8' x 7' = $ 269.00


4' x 7' = $ 189.00


3' x 7' = $ 164.00


Price includes Top Draft Seal and necessary hardware for installation.



2" Brush Seal is available for $ 46/per door.



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